New Year, New Smile


Wondering if you or someone you love might need orthodontic treatment? Are you dealing with overcrowded teeth or a bad bite? Do you find yourself hiding your smile while taking photos or covering your smile when you laugh? Well, your most confident smile is attainable. The first thing to do is schedule an initial orthodontic consultation! This crucial appointment will set the stage for any future treatment, but what exactly is it and what should you do to prepare?

What To Expect At Your Consultation

The decision to start orthodontic treatment can seem intimidating without the right information. Like fingerprints, every person has a unique set of teeth that grow and shift in their own way. Therefore, it’s important to get information about treatment that is specific to you and your smile. At Opus1 Orthodontic Studio, our consultations are complimentary. We want to provide you with the best information possible to help you make a treatment decision that you are confident in. When you arrive to our office, you can expect to have photos taken of your teeth and perhaps an x-ray (if you haven’t received one within a year of your consultation appt.) Afterwards, Dr. Barakat and our treatment coordinator will sit down with you to discuss all your options and answer all your questions. This appointment is in no means a commitment to treatment, rather an opportunity to welcome you to our practice and to provide you with the best options for treating your masterpiece smile.

Before Your Appointment

Your time is valuable to us and we strive to provide quality care in an efficient manner. Please plan to spend at least an hour in the office for your consultation. In this time, Dr. Barakat and our treatment coordinator will be able to address any questions you have and determine the best method of treatment for you. For your convenience, our new patient forms are emailed to you directly and can be filled out prior to your appointment. You are welcome to bring along any family members that you feel may also benefit from orthodontic treatment. We accept patients of all ages! The decision to invest in your smile is an important one, we would love to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Come to our office for your complimentary consultation.