Discreet Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Barakat and our team at Opus1 Orthodontic Studios introduce InBrace, a fully concealed teeth-straightening option. Flaunt your smile in your daily life without anyone noticing your ongoing treatment.

About InBrace Hidden Treatment

Opus1 Orthodontic Studios is delighted to feature InBrace's revolutionary Smartwire, designed to straighten your teeth efficiently with fewer appointments.

Our Smartwire combines cutting-edge Gentleforce technology and shape-memory alloy for effective, subtle adjustments. Experience the freedom of fewer visits and seamless oral hygiene as your Smartwire stays hidden behind your teeth.


What Is InBrace?

Developed by leading orthodontists, InBrace’s Smartwire leverages AI and advanced computing for a custom feel you’ll love.

Administered under the expert care of Dr. Monika Barakat, the system eliminates the need for painful tightenings or visible wires, delivering only extraordinary results.

Why InBrace?

Smartwire: The Gentleforce Technology

We’ve tailored your Smartwire precisely to your needs to continuously exert a gentle aligning force. This personalized approach puts your treatment essentially on autopilot.

Oral Health Made Easy

InBrace removes the hassle of traditional orthodontics, helping you to maintain excellent oral hygiene with its hidden design.

How InBrace Works

The Initial Scan

Dr. Barakat will get you started with state-of-the-art imaging that she uses to create a 3D model of your dental structure, serving as the blueprint for your individualized Smartwire.

Customized Planning

Then, she’ll work with InBrace to develop the perfect treatment plan for you, programming your Smartwire to guide your teeth gently yet effectively.

The Fitting

Once your Smartwire is ready, Dr. Barakat will skillfully place it behind your teeth, allowing you to leave our Scottsdale office with a natural smile and high-tech treatment running incognito.

Who Is InBrace For?

InBrace is suitable for a wide range of orthodontic needs, whether simple or complex. With InBrace, unsightly wires and aligners are things of the past.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

See visible changes within weeks and get ready to be more confident about your radiant smile.


More Freedom, Less Hassle

Fewer trips to our Scottsdale office and less time spent on adjustments mean more freedom for you.

Eat Freely

Enjoy the foods you love without the restrictions typical of traditional orthodontic treatments.

Drink As You Like

Kick-start your mornings with your usual coffee or sip your favorite tea; InBrace doesn’t interfere with your daily pleasures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Invisible Treatment, Free Consultation

Now that you know all about one of the most exciting new orthodontic treatments available in and around Scottsdale, it’s time to see if InBrace Hidden Treatment is right for you.

It’s a good thing that consultations are always 100% free here at Opus1 Orthodontic Studios. Your smile is our masterpiece, and thanks to InBrace, it’s quicker, easier, and more comfortable than ever to find yours!