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At Opus 1 Orthodontic Studio, we're your go-to experts for braces in Scottsdale, offering transformative smiles for individuals of all age groups in Scottsdale and neighboring areas. If you're in search of a reliable orthodontic team to deliver a dazzling, straight smile in Scottsdale, look no further. Dr. Barakat and the rest of our staff are here to guide you through every step of the process.

We provide an array of orthodontic solutions, including time-tested traditional metal braces and aesthetic ceramic braces, both of which are highly effective in achieving ideal tooth and jaw alignment.

Customized Braces Treatment from Your Scottsdale Braces Specialists

Before initiating your braces journey, our skilled team gathers digital x-rays, photographs, and dental molds to tailor a treatment plan that addresses your unique orthodontic requirements. This plan outlines the specific movements each tooth must undergo for optimal alignment and informs the placement of your brackets.

Once the brackets are affixed, a specialized wire is inserted to exert targeted pressure on the teeth requiring adjustment. This initiates a process known as remodeling, which gradually repositions the teeth. The wire works in conjunction with osteoblasts and osteoclasts—cells that form around the tooth root—to facilitate bone remodeling, thereby ensuring precise tooth movement.

It's crucial to understand that teeth have a tendency to revert to their original positions after braces are removed. Therefore, consistent retainer use is essential to counteract this natural drift and maintain your newly aligned teeth.

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What Sets Our Scottsdale Braces Apart

We offer a diverse range of effective treatment options capable of addressing various dental issues, from straightforward to intricate. Traditional metal braces are often quicker at closing gaps and aligning teeth, offering a potentially shorter treatment duration and being a budget-friendly choice.

Modern-day braces have evolved in terms of comfort, durability, and affordability, making them a perennial favorite in orthodontic care. You'll also likely notice significant improvements in a short period, enhancing your confidence in your smile and the treatment process.

Metal Braces

Our high-quality stainless steel metal braces are the most commonly utilized type. These braces employ metal brackets and archwires to align your teeth. Today's metal braces are not only more comfortable but also customizable.

You can opt for colored elastics for a vibrant touch or go for clear or tooth-colored elastics for a subdued look.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces function similarly to metal braces but feature clear ceramic brackets. These are often preferred by our older teen and adult clients for their discreet nature.

Due to their larger and more fragile brackets, they are generally not recommended for younger patients.

Metal Braces
Clear Braces

Your Trusted Source for Scottsdale Braces

At Opus 1 Orthodontic Studio, we believe that personalized, advanced care yields the best outcomes and the most enjoyable orthodontic experience. Leveraging cutting-edge methodologies and state-of-the-art technology, we offer efficient and comfortable treatments that can transform your life and smile. We treat each patient as a unique individual, taking into account age, specific concerns, and clinical needs. When you opt for braces treatment at our Scottsdale practice, we'll develop a treatment plan that seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle.

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