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Which Braces Are Best For You?

Smiling Invisalign PatientSTARTING ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT is a big, important step. With all the different types of orthodontic appliances aka braces available, it can also be a bit confusing, but that’s why we’re dedicating a post to let you know the pros and cons of the each type and to help you determine what will be best for you or your child.

Lingual Braces- These are the brackets that are bonded to the back “inside” of your teeth. They work the same way as traditional braces, but they aren’t visible when you speak and smile. They can be a bit harder to get used to, but they are a great option for adults with crowding or relapse from previous orthodontic treatment.

Invisible Aligners- One benefit of invisible aligners: no banned foods list! We currently use Invisalign aligners for this treatment type. This mode of treatment consists of a series of clear plastic trays that will each gradually change the position of your teeth in small increments. This precise method can be used for comprehensive orthodontic treatment, including bite correction, as well as a limited treatment used to address minor spaces or crowding. If you have heard of clear aligners mailed directly to your home, please be aware of the many possible complications that will arise without a specialist doctor monitoring your treatment. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! 🙂

Traditional Wire Braces- Don’t be fooled by the term “traditional”; this method has been extremely perfected and become very advanced over the years. Brackets have become much smaller over the years and wires now have NASA developed technology.


Clear Ceramic Braces- This option is great for those who value the tried and true method of traditional braces, but with a less-noticeable appearance. Clear brackets are a bit larger than silver braces due to the material. To make them as durable as metal braces, they had to be made slightly larger. Due to the size of ceramic brackets, for some patients Dr. Barakat cannot put clear brackets on the lower teeth because the upper teeth may bite into the material, causing damage. Lucky for you, Dr. Barakat is an orthodontist who specializes in moving teeth with all methods of treatment, with the many years of experience necessary to avoid treatment snafus!

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With multiple options to choose from and many different things to consider, you don’t need to make the decision alone! Schedule your free consultation so that we can develop a plan to get you the beautiful, properly aligned smile you deserve.

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