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Opus 1 is new to the community. We’d love to meet you! Come by the office, meet our team, and take your picture in our photo booth. Go ahead, share it with your friends- at the end of the summer, the person who posted the photo with the most likes wins a $100 Visa Giftcard! What better way to introduce ourselves to the world? So come in and show us your smile, your grimace, or goofy face. Whatever works for you!

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Have You Scheduled Your FREE Orthodontic Consultation?

Best Orthodontist Dr. Barakat Analyzes Airway 3D Imaging

DO YOU or someone you love think you might be in need of orthodontic treatment? Are you dealing with a lot of teeth crowding or a bite that doesn’t quite fit together? Whether you’re interested in braces or Invisalign, the first step is to schedule an orthodontic consultation! This free appointment with Dr. Monika Barakat will set the stage for any future treatment. It is a crucial step, so let’s chat about what to expect:

Before Your Appointment

When  you call our office for the first time to schedule your free orthodontic exam and consultation,  we will begin by collecting information from you to prepare for your visit. We will ask who your dentist is so that we can confirm you are up to date with dental cleanings and any pending dental treatment, like a filling. We will also request your dental records. Additionally, we will collect your dental insurance information so that we can check on orthodontic coverage on your plan. We collect an email address and phone number for confirming appointments and sending web links for forms and helpful information. We welcome our future patients to call, text and/or email if they have any questions prior to the visit. We are proud to offer extended hours for appointment availability, sometimes as late as 7pm and as early as 8am. 

Prior to your scheduled visit, we welcome you to fill out new patient registration forms via a weblink that will be sent with your appointment confirmation. If you don’t have a chance to fill it out, no worries, we will have the forms ready for you upon arrival! The evening before your scheduled appointment, our Treatment Coordinator will contact you to confirm the appointment and to see if you have any questions about the visit.

What To Expect At Your Consultation

As soon as you arrive in our studio, our goal is to make you feel comfortable and at home. We have well-equipped lobby with various refreshments, cookies and entertainment. We never want to keep our patients waiting, but in the event you have an accompanying friend or family member, they too will be well taken care of!

We will start with a quick tour of our studio, showcasing the many amenities that set us apart from other orthodontic offices. At that time we will take initial photographs of your teeth and smile that Dr. Barakat will use for treatment planning. Dr. Barakat will then do a very thorough intra-oral exam while our Treatment Coordinator takes notes. As soon as she has completed her exam, Dr. Barakat will explain to you what she sees and what she would recommend addressing to create your ideal, beautiful healthy smile. Typically patients will get a few treatment options, as well as what might be considered the best and most ideal option for you. One of the many great benefits of seeing an orthodontic specialist is the array of options available to meet the individual patient’s needs.

Once Dr. Barakat has given you any treatment recommendations, our Treatment Coordinator will go over details regarding your specific treatment and all of the associated procedures. Then she will discuss the many financial options we offer to our patients, as well insurance coverage and discounts available. Finally, she will then help you with scheduling appointments to get started with your treatment.

We always remind patients: The Sooner You Start, The Sooner You’re Finished! 

Schedule Your Consultation Today!

If you still have questions about what an initial consultation is like, just call and ask us! We can’t wait to see you and begin getting your smile on track to the healthy, straight smile you deserve!

Your Smile Is Our Masterpiece!

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