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Ancient Orthodazzle: Teeth Jewels

In orthodontics, we are in the business of beautiful, healthy, smiles. Within the past century the orthodontics industry has undergone some incredible advancements. We’ve seen the development of new bracket types, smart wires, Invisalign, and much more – all developed to help improve patients’ teeth and jaws. Though, the interest in teeth improvement and beautification spans far beyond a century. One of the most interesting pieces of ancient orthodontic evidence are teeth jewels!

Pictured below are some human skull artifacts that have been discovered with jewel encrusted teeth. These artifacts are attributed to ancient Mayan society. It is believed that the Mayan people would decorate their teeth to display elite status. While we don’t drill jewels into teeth at our office, we are happy to employ more modern techniques to help you improve your own beautiful smile.

Photo(s) courtesy of National Geographic
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