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Opus 1 is new to the community. We’d love to meet you! Come by the office, meet our team, and take your picture in our photo booth. Go ahead, share it with your friends- at the end of the summer, the person who posted the photo with the most likes wins a $100 Visa Giftcard! What better way to introduce ourselves to the world? So come in and show us your smile, your grimace, or goofy face. Whatever works for you!

*Please see our office for details.


Halloween Candy

Halloween can be such a fun time of the year; the chill in the air, the smell of pumpkin spice, and best of all, the Halloween candy! For many, Halloween usually includes creative costumes, marvelous treats, and fearful frights – but if you wear braces, the most horrifying part of Halloween might be the damage to your smile that certain candies can cause. However, fear not, because there are plenty of sweets that are safe to enjoy with braces! Below is a compiled list of sweets to enjoy and those to avoid; it is wise to use caution when enjoying candy, protect the smile you’ve worked so hard to perfect.

These sweet treats are sure to satisfy your craving without causing damage:
Chocolate: any type of chocolate that does not contain nuts, caramel, or other hard/sticky ingredients are safe to enjoy
Cookies, Brownies, Soft Baked Goods: soft cookies and soft baked goods are good to go! Again, be sure to avoid goods that might contain any of those unsafe ingredients
Ice cream: enjoy the cold weather with an even colder treat, ice cream without hard/sticky ingredients is safe
Chopped Apples: Chop apples into bite sized pieces for a satisfyingly sweet, healthier, alternative to candy
*Hard candies: hard candies are an exception only when dissolved, do not bite or chew hard candies

Avoid these treats and those that are similar: caramels, gum, laffy taffy, starbursts, jellybeans, peanut M&Ms, brittle, and popcorn.
While trick-or-treating is fun and the rewards are delicious, be sure to brush and floss after eating all those sweet treats! Have a safe and fun Halloween!

For all of the candy you can’t/won’t eat, bring it to us! 

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